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Gemstones For Every Occasion: A Jeweller’s Guide To Gemstones That Signify Purpose

Jewellery is a personal experience.

From how and why we select and wear a piece, to the sentiments and moments that are the catalyst behind each purchase, to the gemstones that hold folkloric meaning, jewellery signifies purpose. Regardless of its foundations, be it vintage, an heirloom or recently crafted, each piece of art holds a story. In wearing a piece we contribute to its narrative and in turn jewellery forms part of ours.

For the jewellery designer, each collection is an homage to their own experiences, what they value and their creative choices serve as a visual reflection of this narrative. For Sydney based jeweller, Natalie Marie, her latest collection Sabel is an ode to the earth – a celebration of its rich, organic pigments and warm colour palettes. Crafted from hand and with intention, the hues, textures and overall construction elements work to signify Sabel’s purpose to capture the beauty of our world. Through Natalie’s half moon and rose cut stones combined with her ability to juxtapose refined minimalism with bold features, Sabel’s pieces will remind the wearer of golden sunsets, endless rolling hills and sprawling sand dunes drowned in sunlight.

Throughout the ages, jewellery and its vast elements and overall detailing, has signified a purpose. This purpose has provided consistent insight into cultures, communities and customs of people past and present. Within our everyday lives, the purpose of jewellery is equally multi faceted. Each piece and its accompanying gemstone signifies our own milestones, celebrates our family lineage, tells the story of our relationships and is a reflection of our personal style.

When it comes to jewellery, there really is something for everyone. Yet with an array of gemstones as diverse as the colours of the rainbow, it can be overwhelming deciding on the perfect piece. So whether you are selecting a little something special for yourself or for a significant other, here is Natalie Marie’s guide to selecting gemstones that signify purpose. 

Firstly, to contribute to the personal experience that is the art of wearing jewellery, we encourage you to take the following factors into consideration. 

The wearer’s lifestyle 

The wearer’s aesthetic 

The wearer’s undertones

Speaking of the latter, understanding if the wearer is warm or cool toned will help determine a gemstone’s setting, as gold and silver works to compliment the wearer differently. Those with warm undertones are best suited to pieces founded in golden hues, whilst silver will be maximised against those with cooler undertones. From a lifestyle perspective, consider how the piece will be incorporated into the wearer’s routine ie will it be worn daily or specifically designed for occasion wear? By defining the practical purpose the gemstone you select will better reflect the wearer. For daily use look to gemstones renowned for their tenacity and durability like topaz, white sapphire and green amethyst as seen across Natalie Marie’s collections.

When it comes to selecting a gemstone we suggest you contemplate initially on the purpose behind the purchase. For example, consider if you are celebrating love, friendship or recognising an achievement. For those shopping for themselves reflect on what this piece will mean to you in the fabric of your life, or perhaps you seek to make a statement with jewellery to elevate your daily wardrobe. Particularly for those with a fondness of dressing in neutral tones or for those who chase the sun seek to compliment your style choices with Sabel’s warm earthy hues. 

Understanding this initial purpose will allow you to then gravitate towards a gemstone which  either resonates with your aesthetic and vision or embodies your defined purpose given each gemstone holds traditional meaning. These allegorical sentiments are most commonly found in the modern use of diamonds to signify love and union by way of engagement rings, in spite of sapphires traditionally representing fidelity. On a smaller scale, gemstones have traditionally been utilised to celebrate a person’s month of birth further contributing to the personal experience that is jewellery.

At Natalie Marie, sentiment and originality is at the heart of the creative process and they work to incorporate a variety of gemstones into the made to order pieces. From traditional white diamonds, to smoky quartz, and rutilated quartz renowned for its folkloric understanding to ward of negativity, you are guaranteed to find something as original as the wearer in question. They look forward to guiding you through this journey to select a gemstone that accurately symbolises your purpose. For Natalie Marie conscious creation extends beyond sustainable practices to include creating pieces infused with purpose and thereby designed to last.

*All images courtesy of Natalie Marie*