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What I Wore | Race Day Prep With Glam Corner

If there could be one word used to describe myself it would be minimalistic and the older I get my need for material things has dwindled entirely.

That’s not to say I don’t love beautiful things as I appreciate craftsmanship just as much as the next person. I simply prefer living in space not filled with clutter. However, when you love style and have a penchant for shoes, accessories, sugar and spice and all things nice it can be difficult to marry a passion for fashion with a minimalistic approach to living. How I navigate this is by investing in key, quality pieces in order to build a versatile everyday wardrobe yet when it comes to events I hire designer clothes and accessories because not only is this more cost effective but let’s be real here, how many times do you buy a new outfit for a wedding or the races and those garments then sit in your wardrobe gathering dust for the rest of eternity?

… don’t worry, me too 😉

Glam Corner, a company that specialises in hiring out designer garments and accessories has been my bank account’s saving grace and answer to my prayers as a minimalist. With over a thousand items available to hire at incredibly reasonable prices you will never look back when you realise your wardrobe can immediately become expansive without being expensive.

One of the many social events I have on my list for the spring/summer calendar are the races and for me it is the sea of daring to elegant hats and fascinators which draw my eye. Millinery maketh the outfit! Glam Corner has an array of fascinators available for hire and the exquisite detail found in the likes of pieces from Morgan & Taylor, Studio Aniss to Olga Berg, to name a few, will leave you breathless. They are simply works of art.

The items are packaged and delivered with such care and the return process simple. But be warned, Glam Corner invests in quality pieces so it can be hard to say goodbye… but as the saying goes, if you love something  let it go… and then find something new for your next event at a fraction of the price.


M O R G A N   A N D   T A Y L O R


M O R G A N   A N D   T A Y L O R


S T U D I O   A N I S S


M O R G A N   A N D   T A Y L O R

*To see these fascinators in action click here*