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Natural Skincare With RawKanvas

Shakespeare once wrote “the earth has music for those who listen” and I think this is a notion that can be applied to many facets of life including how we choose to nourish our bodies.

Confident that the earth provides all that we need, RAWKANVAS is a skincare company that chooses to create products designed to feed our bodies with natural, vegan and toxin-free ingredients. Combined with the utilisation of active ingredients altogether that is what I call a recipe for success.

Passionate about skincare I am always seeking new products to sample and new companies to review. I follow one rule, that the brand be entirely cruelty free as there is no beauty in the testing of animals. RAWKANVAS supports the rights of all creatures great and small so I was instantly attracted to their brand which was further fuelled by their holistic approach to skin maintenance and repair via the production of monthly handcrafted batches.

I discovered RAWKANVAS a mere fortnight ago and typically I would wait sometime before reviewing a product as over the course of time I like to assess how the product is working and if it is meeting expectations. I couldn’t wait. Within 24 hours my skin responded so positively that I was back online within days ordering more products from their online boutique.

My initial intent was to purchase a mask for a series on my YouTube channel but the more I researched each individual product I couldn’t resist the call and walked away with their Refined Clarifying Detox Mask, Miracle Jade Facial Roller and the holy grail Yester Youth Regenerating Facial Oil. I will be discussing the benefits of jade rolling in due course, and my thoughts on the mask can be found on my channel by clicking here but if there is anything you need to try from RAWKANVAS it is the aforementioned facial oil. It is magic in a bottle.

When it comes to oils I am quite cautious as I have a tendency to breakout upon use but regardless of unsuccessful experiences I remained intent on incorporating oil into my skincare regime particularly with winter just around the corner. It was a simple matter of trial and error and now that I have found RAWKANVAS’s Yester Youth those days are over. As stated within one day my skin looked visibly brighter and healthier. A week on my skin is the best it’s ever looked and the fine lines around my eyes have reduced. I particularly adore wearing the oil as a primer for my foundation to give my skin an inner glow and carry it around in my bag for touch ups during the day to keep my “kanvas” hydrated and smooth.

The earth has music for those who listen, so look to the earth to treat your skin.