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Styling The Oversized Blazer

Born in the 80’s if there is one thing in particular I love about my decade of birth, it is the fashion

I think what I appreciate most about the eighties aesthetic is that everyone appeared to honour their own style expression and celebrated who they were. The boldness of the silhouettes , the oversized construction of garments, the statement accessories. I adore it all. As such, when Anna Quan released her iconic Sienna blazer to the market in 2019 I knew this was the blazer that would indulge my inner 80’s baby and make me feel as though John Hughes was directing my life.

What I appreciated most about the Sienna blazer was the way it struck a balance between dress and jacket, oversized yet streamlined along the waist without falling into figure hugging territory. Anna Quan demonstrates how you find inspiration from the past and recreate an aesthetic for a modern audience. When dressing in an oversized blazer there are an abundance of styling options you could follow, here are my top tips

Should you be petite, roll up the sleeves of your blazer to expose some skin

Don’t be afraid to wear your blazer over a mini skirt or shorts thereby transforming it into a quasi dress

Given its masculine energy pair with feminine textures like silk or satin

Streamline the bottom half of your silhouette by pairing with a tapered pant or skirt so as to keep the silhouette balanced

When accessorising don’t overpower your torso with heavy jewellery like bold necklaces, opt for something more refined instead

Depending on your height use patterns sparingly as this could overwhelm petite figures



Hanna Witthoeft

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