La Femme

The Black One Piece

MARYSIA | Black One Piece Swimsuit | Seymour & Ford


Jewellery Reliquia, Swimsuit Marysia via The Undone

Sarah Braden Photography

Having been blessed to call six countries home combined with my former life as a flight attendant, living out of a suitcase has been my norm for most of my adult life. It is through these experiences I came to understand the importance of building a neutral, minimal and versatile wardrobe – a lesson learned through many fashion mistakes and bad financial decisions. Older and wiser my style philosophy extends to my swimwear because with anything if it can’t be packed into my suitcase to create multiple outfits than it is not worth the investment. The black one piece is the epitome of both elegance and sexiness despite its coverage and a must have for every woman. Particularly, when it comes to travelling I enjoy a black one piece because of its ability to be paired with jeans, shorts or a skirt as a pseudo bodysuit for either night or day.