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The Classic Blazer | My Go To Uniform

CALVIN KLEIN | Tee Shirt In Logo | Seymour & Ford

If there is one outfit that I turn to on a daily basis it is my trusty blazer, heels, tee shirt and jeans. The colour palette is subject to change but the foundations stay the same.

Nothing makes me feel sexier or more confident. Perhaps I take comfort in its familiarity. Perhaps in its simplicity. I know one thing is for certain that I am attracted to its duality as the combination of these wardrobe staples embody both a masculine vibe with its structure yet finds femininity in its accents.  When finding the balance between masculine and feminine you want to further look to your jewellery, perfume, hair styling and manicure to complete the juxtaposition. Personally, I gravitate towards wearing two to three rings with a watch, but pull my hair back to embrace a more laid back approach all whilst simultaneously working a pink polish and delicate floral fragrance. However, should I opt to wear my hair down I prefer a more rugged style watch complimented with a more earthy scent.


Shirt Calvin Klein via The Iconic, Sunglasses Vintage, Clutch Oroton, Blazer Vintage, Heels Spurr via The Iconic


Sarah Braden Photography