La Femme

What I Wore To AAFW | Volume 1

Australian label IXIAH will always have a special place in my heart for it marked my first show at Australian Fashion Week where little old Meg had no idea what the hell she was doing.

Image courtesy of IXIAH

I had no idea what to wear, where to go or what to do and as a first time industry delegate admittedly I was nervous. Yet, when the invitation came through to attend the IXIAH ‘Joi de Vivre’ Resort 22, I took inspiration from the values of this whimsical brand. With that came comfort and a dose of confidence.

Founded in 2012 by self taught designer Krystel Davis – English, IXIAH is defined by authenticity evident in their creativity and individuality. Thus, in curating my look I took those lessons to heart to stay true to myself. The IXIAH woman is bold, feminine and whimsical and combined with values which embody slow production, I knew I wanted this aesthetic and sustainability to guide my ensemble.

Image courtesy of IXIAH

With that in mind I sought to incorporate something vintage into my ensemble and immediately knew my recent find, a tulle skirt, was the perfect whimsical yet sustainable addition. Paired with a black blazer, fine polo knit and thigh high boots I elected to make the skirt the statement. This was a also a way for me to stay true to my authentic self of loving all things neutral. Lastly, I decided to juxtapose the plushness of the tulle against a rugged studded vintage belt.

IXIAH ‘Joi de Vivre’ Resort 22 was defined by pastels, patterns and intricate hand crafted designs that gave new meaning to attention to detail. Set against a minimalistic background it celebrated the feminine, undeniably fitting for a female lead label. This is a brand that knows who they are and in doing so teaches their consumer to embrace who they are. IXIAH- thank you for having me.